Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church – North Pudukkad Mullassery Thrissur.
Convent Mullassery Based on the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Reverent Father Agustine John Ukken laid the holy seed of the dedicated congregation of sisters of charity on 1944 November 21. The congregation cared the most to perform towards the needy by firmly believing the gospel of Mark 3-14. “Then He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.” Being the founder of the congregation Father Agustine John Ukken had a noble legacy that covered and filled with touching experience
and nobleness that helped him to dedicate his life to the needy in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He lost his Mother at the age of three and his father at six, along with the grace of Holy Spirit, he blessed much to grasp the plan that created for him by the Lord and he always found joy in considering the downtrodden and needy as his brothers. The loneliness and the grace of The Almighty helped him to navigate His plan to boost valuable, selfless, curing services for the poor.
The notable feature of the congregation is its style of acting that it always tried to strengthen the link between the needy through deep and touching functions among the sections. It concentrated in activities like caring the unhealthy, strengthening the education and many other humanitarian activities with the deep faith in Jesus Christ the Savior.
He always encouraged his spiritual colleagues by empowering them to act towards the needy in the name of Almighty through sincere heart and prayer. He understood the value of love in the human world and he always quoted the importance f love in solving the problems of humankind. According to him the vocation of a recluse is to love every body and he /she has to strive to be at top in it. In order to uplift the slum people he established an abbey named “Agustine” at Kokkalai on 1945 August 24. The members of the congregation involves in the activities like saving the exploited from social illness, strengthening the education and boost gospel towards the world and caring the patients in hospital etc. He established the braches of this congregation in Mundathikode, Fathima, Povatoor, Kaloor and Puthussery. Today this holy seed is giving so many virtues for the world.
Providence Convent Puvathoor
Providence Convent Mullassery Providence Convent Puvatoor, the key lumen factor in the spiritual renaissance of the parish was established by Reverent Father Agustine John Ukken with the sincere contribution of four and half acres of land and Rupees 1000 from Mr. Kakassery Ipe Chakkappan a firm believer from Pavarty parish for the construction of the abbey. In 1953 September 8 the abbey commenced its functioning, within 5 months a chapel was constructed there and the first Holy Mass was conducted by Reverent Father Agustine John Ukken. The convent has a big role in shaping the future of the then hilly area with sincere service.
St Josephs L. P. School
St Josephs L. P. School Providence Convent Mullassery St Josephs L.P. School is the fulfillment of the cherished dreams of the natives towards the needs of the educational sector. As far as our parish is concerned the year 1968 is an important one because it was in that year we got the permission to start a school by the continuous and sincere efforts of M.L.A, Sri. Sathithangal, the then BDO Sri. Nelson Reverent Father Joseph Vadakkan and the rest of the village. All the construction was done at full swing and the foundation ceremony was done by Respected.
Father Alipius C.M.C. the then head master of the Pavartty St. Joseph High School. B.C. Annie was posted as the Headmistress of the school. The 25 the anniversary of the school has been celebrated in 1993 with elaborate programs.