Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church – North Pudukkad Mullassery Thrissur.
When it comes to belief each and very tint of experience becomes valuable for its believers; our sacred church is not different from the unmatched GRACE of the Almighty. North Pudukkad Parish stands as a shining stone of religious history of the parishes of Kerala. It has a splendid history of 1600 years to share that covered with historical as well as social events that care the shape of the at present socio-economic background of the North Puthukad. It is believed that the construction of the church was done on or AD 400; the recently discovered stone board gave strong proof for this truth. The former church situated from 1000 meters south from Manalipuzha bank and all the economic and social needs and transactions were done by the marketing zone that around with approximately 117 shopping huts and all the land and properties belonged to the parish. During the time of reconstruction when the laborers removed the basement they found a stone board that carved the history of the church but due to careless handling it broke on the spot. Our church has an unavoidable space on the educational development of the region because it has possessed a Lower Primary school during the early time and it was the only centre of educational excellence for the native people of the North Pudukkad as well as the surrounding places. Thus the church acted as the centre of development through out its history. As far as North Pudukkad is concerned the year 1971 is a golden year because the new church was built on that year. The 1600th annual anniversary of the church has been celebrated with elaborate programmes in the jubilee year 2000 and it was followed by a stay of other cultural programmes to strengthen the passion of faith among the society as well as believers.