Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church – North Pudukkad Mullassery Thrissur.
Vellamkanni Matha Chapel
Vellamkanni Matha Chapel Mullassery Vellamkanni Matha Chapel is the ever shining monument of unity and the burning desire of the Mullassery natives for an adoration centre of their own. . A fine and moving place has been selected for the establishment of the Chapel in Mullassery centre was donated by Mr. Kakkassery Chakkeppan Joseph. The then Vicar Fr. Francis Thermadham and the dedicated team of believers strive their best for the incarnation of their dream. The carving personalities behind the act are Sri. E.V.George Master, Sri Chiriyankanddthu Porunchu Anthony and Arakkal Jose.
The benediction ceremony was done by Mar Joseph Kundukulam (the Arch Bishop of Thrissur) on May 15th 1982. The sacred statue of the Mother Mary has been brought form Vellamkanni.
The four fold chapel is standing as the hope and centre of strength for the believers. There will be Ladhinju, Novena and Nerchaa distribution in every Saturday on Vellamkanni Matha Chapel at 8 am. People from all walks of life attend in the rituals and the festival of the Mother Mary is being celebrated on the coming Sunday after Easter.
Valayeduppu with procession is being done by the leadership of Vellamkanni Matha Unit. Oil and Holy Water brought form Vellamkanni are being distributed of the welfare of the believers as the “Prasadham.”
St. Reetha Chapel Thanavidhi
St. Reetha Chapel Thanavidhi Mullassery It is the first chapel that was built in the name of St. Reetha in Thrissur Arch Diocese. It has a significant lay in the spiritual life of the parish. St. Reetha is remembered as the saint of house wives. The sacred chapel stands in the eastern end of the parish. The chapel is situated in the hilly place of Thanavidhi by spreading blessings for all. The site was donated by Sri. Thaikkattil Porinchu Varith and Sri Tharakkan Mathew Devassy to Enamakal Church.
The sacred statue of St. Reeta was donated by Enamakal Kidanngan Puvali Joseph Master. The chapel was reconstructed in 1991; the blessing ceremony of the reconstructed chapel was done by Vicar General of Thrissur Fr. Ignatious Chalissery.The festival of St. Reetha celebrates on the last Sunday of September. Every Saturday there will be Ladhinju, Novena and Nercha in the chapel at 5.30 pm.
St. Sebastine Chapel Padoor
St. Sebastine Chapel Padoor Mullassery The former chapel was built on the private land of Mr. Kannanayical Anthony Chochappu and later the land was taken by the church. The renewed chapel was built on 1976 and the blessing ceremony was performed by Mar Joseph Kundukulam on November 14th 1976. The festival of St. Sebastine celebrates in the second Saturday and Sunday of January every year. Every Saturday there will be Ladhinju, Novena and Nercha in the chapel at 5.30 pm.