Pious Associations
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church – North Pudukkad Mullassery Thrissur.
Altar Boy’s Association (ABA)
There are about 79 members to serve on the Altar of our lord. We see their presence in all the activities of the church. They conduct seminars and classes for their integral growth and they are used to go for a picnic every year. They gather together on 2nd Saturday of every month.
Christian Life Community (CLC)
The CLC of this parish was established on 8th December 1925. There are 60 members in senior section and 120 members in junior section respectively. They actively participate in all the activities of the parish bearing the motto “To Christ through Mary”. They conduct regular meeting of senior section on 2nd Sundays at 12 Noon and Junior section on 3rd Sundays at 12 noon.
Mother’s Association
Mother’s Association was founded in 1975. There are 165 members in the unit at present. They gather on first Sundays of the month at 4 P.M.  They lively participate in all the activities of the parish. They conduct seminars, classes etc…
Society of St. Vincent De Paul
This was established on the 15th August 1952. There are 12 members in the unit. They are sincerely involved in the religious and social activities of the parish. They had built around 70 houses for poor and also distributed many sewing machines to the poor and needy.. They gather on every Sunday at 8.30 A.M.
They actively involve in all the services of the parish. There are 35 members in the group. They gather on all Sundays at 4.P.M. They conduct an excursion every year.
Catholic Labour Association
CLA was established in the parish on 15th August, 1998. There are 50 members in the unit. Their main activity is Labour Welfare activities. They gather on 2nd Sundays of every month at 8.30 A.M.
Jesus Youth
They are sincerely dedicated for the spiritual uplift of the parish. They actively co-operate in all other endeavors of the parish too. This movement was established in the month of October 1998. The co-ordination of Christeen Kottayma is by Jesus Youth. There are 85 members in Christian Koottayma. The upper age limit for the membership is 15 years. Their motto is “Yesuvil Valaruka, Yesuvil Valarthuka”
Prayer group
There are 20 members in the group. They gather on all Wednesdays at 1l A.M.
  1. St. Mary’s Unit
  2. Velamkanni Matha Unit
  3. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Unit
  4. St. Thomas Unit
  5. St. Sebastian Unit
  6. St. Joseph Unit
  7. St. Reetha Unit
Each unit has an administrative body with selected persons to ease the functioning of the unit according to the spiritual needs of the parish.